10 years ago, Cammy Miller & Cologne Trude started Show Me Your Mumu on a whim during a weekend trip to Miami. The original inspiration? Designing lightweight, fashionable pieces that could transition from day to night for the girl on the move. Today, the duo share what happens when two best friends become business partners and how they’re still designing styles with the traveling girl in mind.

We visited Cammy and Cologne in their studio in Downtown Los Angeles to learn more about their design process, creative inspiration, and to get a sneak peek at their upcoming fall collection.

Tell us about Show Me Your Mumu and how it all began. What got you started?

We met at UC Berkeley in 2008 at a fraternity party (ha!) We moved to New York and both dove into the fashion industry, working sales at women’s contemporary fashion lines. Escaping the insanity of NYC, we went on a trip to Miami with our best friends. There we realized there was a gap in the market for a lightweight, fashionable piece that could easily travel and take you from day to night. Our NYC apartment quickly turned into Show Me Your Mumu HQ, flipping our kitchen into the shipping center and selling as many Mumu’s as we possibly could. 10 years later we are headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles still designing with the traveling girl in mind.

Let’s talk about your fall collection that will be hitting Rent the Runway soon. What was the inspiration behind it?

Every season, we try to imagine our customer–Where are they going? What are they doing?–and design around that. For our fall collection, we created super cozy sweaters and fun statement jackets that can take girls from work to play and keep you super comfortable the whole time! As always, there is a touch of ’70s flare.

Describe the Collection in One Sentence:

Party prairie meets spicy fall fun!

What’s the must-rent piece of the fall collection and why?

Most definitely the Colorado star jacket. We love this piece and think this is so fun with jeans and a tee or over your party dress. The star print makes this faux fur super special. Be on the lookout for when it comes to RTR!



Now, let’s get personal. Give us your bio in one sentence:

Cologne: I’m a California girl through and through!  I’m the cofounder and designer of Mumu, wife to a hunky Australian, mom to the cutest 1-year old baby girl.  I love my job and Venice Beach life!

Cammy:  Cajun Californian Cowgirl.

What’s your typical morning routine like?

Cologne: It’s changed a lot since becoming a mom!  I wake up early to give my little girl, Riviera, a bottle and cuddle in bed.  Then balance playtime with getting my butt ready for work and downtown to the Mumu office!   Mornings are my special time with my baby because we work a lot.

Cammy: I wake up and spend as much time with my baby Magnolia before heading to work. And coffee–lots and lots of coffee. I usually carpool to work with coworkers, so as soon as I am out the door, the workday has started. I do meetings and phone calls on the commute.


What’s your go-to work outfit?

Cologne: Either jean shorts and a top tucked in, or a mini dress or mini skirt–I’m all about the minis!  Luckily the Mumu office is mini friendly.

Cammy: I like to be comfortable more than anything–sneakers and a flowy maxi dresses have been my go to work outfit lately.

Any current reads, podcasts, or shows that are inspiring you?

Cologne:  Business podcasts and flipping through fashion magazines.

Cammy:  I always love listening to the Glossy! It’s so inspiring and interesting and a great way to spend a car ride.

When the day is over, how do you unwind?

Cologne: A glass of wine.  Talk to my husband about the day.  And another glass of wine!

Cammy: I am most relaxed when I am reading books. Lately, I have been trying to put down my phone at night and read instead. I also try to be home to put my baby to sleep as much as possible. This also does wonders for “unwinding”– nothing like a sweet baby on your chest to get you in a super happy place.