Growing up, Autumn Adeigbo was inspired to become a fashion designer after watching her Nigerian mother sew the clothes she wore as a little girl. Today, her namesake clothing line is at the forefront of the ethical fashion movement. Autumn’s mission is to give back and build a cross-cultural community through fashion and micro-entrepreneurship. Every piece is made-to-order, cutting down on both fabric and unsold inventory waste.

We visited Autumn in her NYC studio, to get the inside scoop on her collection, personal style, and day-to-day routine.

To start, let’s talk about your collection. Describe it in 5 words or less:

Culture, color, and conscience.

What was the inspiration?

The rich colors and textures that are tied to African culture.

Who’s the woman?

She’s a trailblazer who makes her own rules. She is stylish but not a slave to fashion–she won’t wear a label or brand just because all the celebs are wearing it. She loves timeless clothes that tell a story. She has a sophistication of the heart. She is confident and likes to express herself with her fashion choices.

What piece is the most rent-worthy?

Our Lottie Dress–it’s super flattering because of the elastic waistband, and the yellow print will make you the bright spot of every room.


We are so excited to have your designs launch on RTR. Why did you want to collaborate with Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway is one of the most innovative fashion companies of the past decade. The first company of its kind, founded by women, and has the ethical practices of a share economy which reduces waste and reuses garment bags and hangers which is what the fashion industry and our planet really needs right now! I also love how RTR is inspiring women to be bolder with their fashion choices, which is the kind of woman we love to dress: a woman who is confident and allows her clothes to be a form of self-expression.

Now, let’s get personal. Give us your bio in one sentence:

Born to do this.

Your Morning Routine:

Routine…what’s that? Every day is so different.

What’s your go-to work outfit?

I usually work in sweats and sneakers because I have to run around the not so glamorous garment district going sourcing fabric, trims and notions all day.

What’s on your desk?

Scissors, purple pens, raffia trim, paperwork, a bottle of water, measuring tape, 2 hangers, double sided tape, 3 leopard print coasters, a stapler, and a hair tie.

First thing you do when you get into the studio?

Answer emails.


How do you get into the creative zone?

I keep inspiration folders of muses that I find online and, on the street, – I look at them when I need to feel inspired. I’m also inspired by amazing fabrics, so visiting fabric reps and fabric stores can offer up some good inspo.

Favorite part of your day?

Going to bed! My bed in my favorite place.

When the day is over, how do you unwind?

I eat a great meal.

What’s currently inspiring you right now?

The idea of dimension hopping – made trendy in shows like Stranger Things and The OA, but I’ve been into that stuff for a while now.

Cassie Shaffer