Current 1 Swap & 2 Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

September 17, 2020

1 & 2 Swap Members: What Does this Change Mean for Me?

This morning, our CEO & Co-Founder Jenn Hyman shared an update directly with customers on where we’re taking the future of our subscription program. If you haven’t yet checked your inbox this morning, you can read Jenn’s full letter or the TL;DR below. 


Next week, we’re debuting a new membership structure that brings to life the most requested features from members like you: a faster way to swap (!) and more plan flexibility. Customers will soon be able to pick from plans that offer up to 4, 8 and 16 items a month, and customize with extra items as needed. This evolution does mean that we will ultimately be phasing out our Unlimited Swap membership next year.


Nothing! All you have to do is continue enjoying your membership, which already includes our most requested features — a faster way to swap, even better perks and more.


I have a RTR membership, but have never been an Unlimited Swap member. What does this change really mean for me? 

There is no action needed for you! Your plan is the foundation for the future of our membership offerings and we want to thank you for your feedback on how to improve these plans. 

We heard from early members of these plans that the 1 Swap and 2 Swaps naming created confusion around the number of shipments included in your plan. We’re updating the marketing for our plans to clarify the number of items and shipments included. We’ll now refer to our plans as: 4 item plan (formerly 1 Swap), 8 item plan (formerly 2 Swaps), and 16 item plan (NEW!). 

As we introduce features to allow you to customize your plan we will focus less on the plan names. No matter how many items or shipments you receive, you’re an RTR member! Over the next few months we’ll enable the ability to change your plan to increase or decrease your number of shipments per month within your Membership Settings. 

I want to switch to the new 16 items plan, how do I do that?

This plan will launch next week! If you’re interested in switching your plan, contact us at and we’ll help you get this set up!

When will these new flexibility features to switch plans and add a shipment be available?

We’re excited to bring these new features to your membership this fall. In a few weeks we’ll be making improvements to the process to switch your plan when you contact our team – allowing members to keep their items at home when they switch plans. Later this fall, you’ll be able to change your plan and add shipments in your Membership Settings.