Picture your favorite outfit. You know the one — it makes you stand a little straighter, walk with a little more gusto, or take a mirror selfie because you’re feeling powerful in your own skin. When it comes to instant mood-lifters, there are few things as effective as clothing therapy; a great outfit that makes you feel like your very best self. But, on the other side of that coin, is the immediate day-ruiner — an outfit or piece of clothing that just isn’t working and, for whatever reason, sends you into pure frustration mode. 

No matter our relationship with or interest in fashion, the impact of clothing on our everyday lives is far from trivial. Sure, it acts as a cover up and keeps us warm, but it’s so much more than that. 

Clothing, in all of its forms, is a direct expression of how we feel and wish to be perceived. When a child puts on a cape, she suddenly carries superpowers and is no longer afraid of the monster hiding beneath her bed. This effect, commonly referred to by psychologists as “enclothed cognition”, is a testament to the power and influence that apparel has on our performance and psyche. 

So what happens when we can’t wear the clothes we want or are uncomfortable in an outfit? Spells of inadequacy, self-loathing, or — in the case of now RTR Unlimited member, Leslie — anxiety and disappointment. “A universal theme my whole life has not been having access to the kinds of brands and fashion that I see and want to emulate,” the San Francisco-based physician and mother of two told us. 

Leslie would try to copy a look from Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar by scouring retailers for discounted finds, but what started as a thrilling treasure hunt quickly became a discouraging time and money suck. “I wouldn’t be able to get exactly the cut, fabric, or colors I wanted — just the versions on sale and often many seasons behind.” 

This sentiment is strongly felt among women everywhere. We see something we love, discover that it costs as much as a month’s rent, try to imitate it through discounts and fast fashion, but ultimately never feel as good as if we were wearing the real thing. It’s kind of like margarine; sure it works, but sometimes you just really need some butter.

The ability to choose what we want to wear and what we want to manifest through those sartorial choices is significant. But far too often, what we want and what we have access to are not one and the same. That is, until the inception of RTR’s Unlimited Closet: the only place you can wear thousands of designer styles for less than the price of one. It’s a closet that’s built on accessibility and self-empowerment. An ever-revolving wardrobe that moves and evolves with you, no matter where you are in your life. 

“It’s one of those self-care necessities to bring us closer to a sense of control and happiness,” Leslie said of her experience since joining RTR’s Unlimited membership. “It has absolutely improved my mood, reduced anxiety and produced another source of immense joy and gratitude in my life.” 

Now the styles and trends staring back at her from the glossy pages of magazines are no longer unattainable. The time she used to waste scouring sale racks is hers again. And that favorite outfit that makes her feel like she can do anything? Just a tap into her Unlimited Closet away.