Welcome to our finance-focused series, Closet Economics, where we get real about the real cost of getting dressed. We’ve asked RTR members to share how much they’ve spent and saved on clothes and clothing care before and after joining Rent the Runway. _________________________________________________________

Mary has been a Rent the Runway member since we first launched our subscription program in 2014. Before joining, she was spending $500-$600 on clothes each month for work, and her typical dry cleaning bill was $100-$200.

Those monthly expenses disappeared after joining Rent the Runway, she says — even more so when Mary found out she was expecting her first son.

“My Unlimited journey has taken me from the beginning of my pregnancy all through the day before I gave birth. It’s great that there is a maternity section on the website that makes it easy to see items that are bump-friendly or stretchy and you can even search styles by trimester.”

Before we were socially distancing, we visited Mary at her Hoboken home to chat all about her closet, her pregnancy journey and Rent the Runway.

Having an Unlimited Swaps membership makes me feel like I can still be fashionable and feel confident, and have clean, pressed clothing everyday of the week if I want.

Mary, member since 2014

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