Welcome to our finance-focused series, Closet Economics, where we get real about the real cost of getting dressed. We’ve asked RTR members to share how much they’ve spent and saved on clothes and clothing care before and after joining Rent the Runway. _________________________________________________________

Grace has been a member of Rent the Runway since we first launched our subscription program in 2014. “It’s part of my life now,” she says — and not something she would give up easily.

Before Grace became an Unlimited Swaps member, she was a “stressed-out shopper” who spent $200-$300 a month on clothing — a habit driven by the need to look professional for her corporate fundraising job at the American Museum of National History. After joining Rent the Runway, the shopping (and dry cleaning) bills completely stopped even though the clothes kept coming. Now, Grace still gets to try new styles every month but without spending the time, energy, money and closet space that she did before.

Before we were socially distancing, we stopped by Grace’s Upper East Side studio apartment to chat about how — in her own words — Rent the Runway changed her life.

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