We know what you’re thinking—isn’t it a little early to start planning for the start of school? But with the beginning of the semester mere weeks away, there’s no better time to experiment with your personal style. Back to school fashion should be based on what your semester looks like ahead, and as you look forward to welcome week, kick off your school year with an extra surge of confidence with these five outfits for all your back to school events.

Back to School Outfits featuring a Chic Jumpsuit


At the start of the semester, your school will be having a few events to welcome new and returning students back to campus. From receptions and block parties, a comfortable striped jumpsuit will be all you need to set the tone for your college style.

Back to School Outfits featuring a Smart Gingham Dress


For your first day of classes, opt for a cute and simple dress you can wear all day long as you venture from class to class on your first day of school. We love a classic gingham dress that’ll not only have you feeling confident in every classroom but will also be comfortable in the most rigid of chairs. A wide-brim hat and some cool black booties will never hurt when completing your college look.

Back to School Outfits featuring a Bold Fitted Blazer


Whether it’s your freshman year and you’re looking to meet new people, or you’ve been involved in a student organization for years, the college involvement fair is the perfect time to explore all your interests. For a look that means business, opt for a flattering fitted blazer in a bold color. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and complete the outfit with coordinating accessories.

Back to School Outfits featuring a Cool Jean Skirt


When you’ve made it through your first full week of classes, it’s time to celebrate! To new beginnings and endless possibilities, a night out with your friends old and new is just what you’ll need. There’s nothing like an updated denim skirt to embrace the change that comes with another year ahead. Pair it with a cute off-the-shoulder top and you’ve got a complete look for anywhere you go.

You have all your school supplies ready and your dorm room setup, and now your closet is ready too. As you look forward to the upcoming school year, skip the lazy day outfits and put these simple ensembles together for all your back to school activities.