You’ve already RSVP’d, scoured through the registry, and rented the perfect dress. Now it’s time to find a fresh hairstyle. As a guest, you want to be able celebrate in style while also having a great hair day (remember, there will be a ton pictures). Below find 7 foolproof hairstyles to try for the big day.

1. Twisted Bun

Have a dress with an intricate back you want to show off? A twisted bun is just thing. Part your hair to one side and gather your tresses into a low ponytail. Next, loosely twist the length of the ponytail and fold it up into a “U” shape. Take a clear plastic hair tie to secure at the nape of your neck. Pull out some hair out around your ears to frame your face for an “undone” look.


2. Fun Faux Bob

For a fun, vintage-inspired look, try a faux bob. Spritz your hair with texturizing spray to enhance your hair’s natural texture (if you have naturally straight hair, you may want to consider curling it first). Pull hair back and make a loose braid. Allow shorter layers of a few pieces to naturally fall out. Roll the braid underneath and tuck at the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins.



3. Flirty High Pony

This quick, no-fuss hairstyle can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Simply secure all your hair at the top of your head and wrap a small section of the ponytail around the elastic to give the look a bit more polish. This style can be dressed up or down, depending on your dress and accessories.



4. Sleek and Straight

Proof that a simple hairstyle doesn’t mean boring. Super sleek strands add a bit of sophistication to any wedding guest look. Start with wet hair and part your strands down the center of your head. Blow-dry straight with a smoothing balm. After your hair is dry, pass a flat iron through your strands from root to tip. Finish with a hair oil for added shine.



5. Chic Low Bun

A chic low bun can instantly elevate any wedding guest look. Create a center part and tie your hair in a low pony at the nape of your neck. Twist the length of the ponytail and wrap it into a low bun. Secure it with a bobby pin and finish with a little hairspray to keep the style smooth.



6. Tousled Waves

Equal parts old Hollywood and modern, tousled waves are a classic option. Just take sections of your hair, varying in size, and wrap around a curling wand. Once the entire hair has been curled, you can keep them tight, or run your fingers through them for a beachy waves.



This hybrid style makes any wedding guest look a little more glamorous (with no added effort). Divide your hair horizontally from ear to ear and tease a little volume into the top section of hair by backcombing with a fine-tooth comb. Secure that section with an elastic and smooth out the bottom section with a flat iron.



Wedding invites starting to pile up? Copy all of these foolproof hairstyles for every ceremony on your calendar.