Oh hi there! If you’re looking for more information on our new plans then you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a member or you recently rejoined (welcome!) we’re here to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about our all new plans – from what to expect, the TLDR on all the new perks and our top three tips on how to get the most out of your renting experience. We even chatted with a few members who have already made the switch to get their unfiltered thoughts on what they think of the new plans.

Ready to dive in? 

To start, meet our new plans:

When building our new plans, we took a lot of things into consideration. Flexibility, convenience and most importantly, members’ feedback. While our memberships are completely customizable, the number of items included in each entry plan was influenced by real-members’ renting behavior, including how often you swap and wear each item on a month-to-month basis.

Get to know the new perks:

A Faster Way to Swap 

Our most requested feature is finally here: you no longer have to wait for your returns to be scanned in before picking your next shipment! Get new items faster by telling us which items you’re sending back on your homepage or the RTR app and it’ll immediately open up spots for your next shipment. Learn more about swapping here.

Full Flexibility

All our new plans are designed to be completely customizable. Start with one plan and adjust as you go, adding or removing spots and shipments as you see fit. You can add an extra spot anytime you’re swapping ($27 – $31/month + tax depending on your plan) by simply adding an extra item to your bag. Need more? Add an extra shipment for $39 – $50 + tax depending on your plan.

Growing Designer Closet 

We’ve continued to invest in expanding the RTR closet, adding even more brands and trending styles for you to choose from! Crop tops, strong shoulders and punchy prints — take a look at what members are loving right now:

Top tips to help you maximize your new membership:

Tip 1: Remember Your Bill Date

New shipments unlock on your monthly bill date and can be used whenever you want during the month – we’ll help you keep track of how many you have on your homepage (see below)! You can always find your bill date by going to your Membership Settings in the RTR app or website. If you’re out of shipments for the month, you can add one whenever you want.

Tip 2: Get the Most out of Each Shipment

You have the option to swap all or some of your items with each return. With our new plans, we recommend consolidating your returns by sending all of your items back with each shipment to get the most new items each month. If you choose to return a single item, that will count towards your total number shipments for the month. 

Another thing to keep in mind: buying an item you have at home opens a spot in your next shipment. In order to have the maximum amount of rentals at home at one time, we recommend purchasing items when you’re ready to swap for something new.

Tip 3: Plan Ahead

Have a special event coming up at the end of the month? A big meeting at work next week? Want to rent something special for a weekend getaway? Before you build a shipment, think about everything on your calendar (big or small!) and rent accordingly. If a last-minute invite comes up, you can always add an extra shipment so that you’re never without an outfit you love!

We asked a few members to share their unfiltered thoughts on our new plans. Here’s what a few of them had to say: