It’s difficult to dance the night away when you’re stuck in shoes that hurt. Sky-high heels sure look pretty, but at what cost? Luckily, you don’t have to totally cut heels out of your life to give your feet a little break. Before your next night on the town, try out one of the tips below. Your days of painful blisters are officially over.

1. Prevent Blisters with Deodorant or Baby Powder


Yes, you read that right. Use these common household items to lubricate the area that is prone to blisters. Your foot moves more freely in your shoe and won’t get caught rubbing on a friction point.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Break Out The Insoles



These pads ease pain and help prevent calluses, while cushioning the sensitive ball-of-foot area with every step. You can easily remove peel and stick these in any heel for added stability.

3. Use a Hair Dryer and Socks to Break in New Shoes ASAP


This might sound crazy but trust us it works. Warm up a pair of thick socks by blow drying them for two minutes. While they’re still warm, put them on and walk around in the shoes you’re trying to break in. The heat and added push from the socks will slightly stretch out the leather.

4. Tape Your Toes to Prevent Heel Pain


Meet your new secret weapon: medical tape. Taping your third and fourth toes together has been known to ease the tension on the ball of your foot when elevated. Joining the two toes lightens the pressure applied to a nearby nerve that makes your feet feel worn out.

Make any pair of heels more comfortable by trying these 4 simple tricks.