We have a love-hate relationship with making (and keeping) new year’s resolutions — but new year’s style resolutions? That’s a different story entirely. From trying new trends to adding more prints into regular rotation, we polled the RTR community on how they plan to change things up in 2022.

Ready for some inspo on how to shake up your style in the New Year — and how the Closet in the Cloud can help? Read on!

Be bolder when it comes to trends

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: getting all of the trends with none of the buyer’s remorse is part of the magic of renting. Want to try a puff sleeve, leather pants or one of those oversized collars you’ve been seeing everywhere? Make 2022 the year of committing to the look — without actually, you know, committing to owning anything.

Wear more prints and patterns

What do kaleidoscopic patterns, cow print and surf-inspired Hawaiian florals have in common? They’re all at the top of our “To Try in 2022” list. Extra credit for adding more than one print to your next look.

Have more fun with accessories

A colorful beaded argyle shoulder bag for Friday through Sunday fun? Don’t mind if we do. Mismatched earrings for your next night out? Yes please. A sculptural marble clutch to complement your wedding guest look? You get the idea.

Dress like every day is an occasion — because it is

We’re not saying you should make 2022 the year you officially become The Main Character, but we’re also not not saying that. Whether you pick a hot pink power suit for the office (IRL or at home) or opt for a rainbow sequined midi for your standing Friday night drinks with friends, get ready to own every room you walk into.