Even with a growing baby bump, there’s no way you’re letting your pregnancy cramp your style — especially for almost daily office wear. As much as you would love to show up to work in your pajamas, finding maternity work clothes that mesh comfort with style doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of buying a new work wardrobe that might not fit a trimester from now (and will probably get tossed in storage after you give birth), save yourself shopping time and money by renting a few staple items over the course of your pregnancy.

Your signature work style should definitely make an appearance when you’re pregnant but do keep a lookout for key pieces that flatter your belly and can also withstand an eight-hour workday. Flowy maternity maxi dresses that won’t stifle your baby bump will be your best friend. And depending on your office dress code, a pair of maternity overalls over a work-appropriate basic tee might just do the trick. No matter your profession or workwear rules, these are 13 best maternity clothes to wear to the office for every season.

1. Slim Black Maternity Pants



Slim maternity pants may seem like an oxymoron but tailored black pants with a waistband can produce a slender effect. Plus, you can match this pair with just about anything. Pants can’t beat the comfort of maternity leggings, but they come fairly close.

2. Classy Maternity Wrap Shirt



Dress up your maternity work style with a blouse that perfectly hugs your belly. The waist tie adds an extra design element while flattering your curves as it hits directly above your baby bump. This cinched effect makes the most natural and relaxed look possible.

3. Stylish Maternity Shift



Maternity summer dresses come in all shapes and sizes, but a chic shift dress is essential for every expecting mother’s work wardrobe. No matter how far along you are, this style looks becoming on anyone — and you have plenty of maternity shift dress options to choose from that comply with your office standards.

4. Comfy Maternity Jeans



If it’s Casual Friday or your office leans toward a more informal dress code, a pair of stylish maternity jeans are a must — both in and outside of the office. We love this pair because they keep in line with a loose, trendy silhouette while also appealing to your baby bump with a built-in binder. Say goodbye to maternity skinny jeans in favor of a more relaxed fit that you won’t mind sporting all day long.

5. Simple Maternity Blouse



No matter the season, you can’t go wrong with a completely roomy, office-worthy work blouse. Neutral-colored work blouses like this piece give you the option to mix and match with your favorite pairs of maternity pants, then throw on your favorite cardigan or blazer to complete the effortless look.

6. Maternity Maxi Dress



It truly doesn’t get easier than throwing on a maternity maxi dress to wear to the office. Long maternity dresses are always stylish and simple, and you don’t have to put much thought into dressing them up or down. Maternity summer dresses give you plenty of options to choose the perfect patterns and necklines that accommodate your work style.

7. Modern Maternity Button-Down



Command the conference room with a maternity version of a workwear necessity — a modern maternity button-down. Ruffled sleeve hems and a lilac hue lend a more feminine vibe, and the casual fit means you don’t have to worry about popping a button.

8. Fit and Flare Maternity LBD



When it comes to maternity work clothes, the simpler, the better. Add a fresh take on your maternity LBD with a no-fuss frock that hugs your body in all the right places. Just remember to check that the dress length meets your office requirements.

9. Breathable Maternity Jumpsuit



It may not be loungewear, but this fashion-forward maternity jumpsuit is probably as close as you’re going to get for maternity clothes that are considered office-appropriate. This breathable and versatile option can also quickly transition from the office to post-work dinner with your girls.

10. Easy-to-Match Black Tank Top



This cute staple goes with anything and makes for the perfect layering piece amongst all maternity work clothes. The cinched waist will comfortably rest on top of your baby bump, while the button-down front adds an extra element of flair.

11. Oversized Sweater for Cold Days



Every clothing you put on may feel oversized when you’re expecting but we assure you that’s not the case. However, oversized is the way to go to stay warm and cozy during the colder months, or if your office feels like an icebox. A turtleneck sweater that still maintains a figure-hugging element will just do the trick.

12. Form-Fitting Sheath Dress



If your office dress code tends to be more formal, maternity sheath dresses are your go-to options. The structure of the dress brings out the professional side of you while allowing your bump to rest fittingly in the dress. With so many designs to choose from that accommodates any type of office formality, it would be no surprise that you find this style lining your work wardrobe.

13. Basic Work Blazer



Blazers are one of the trickier maternity work clothes, yet super chic and definitely a style to try when you’re expecting. They can provide structure to your frame but make sure to stick with tailored fits that don’t overpower your size. Styles without buttons that gently drape over the sides of your bump are chic and also allow you (and your baby!) plenty of room to breathe.

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